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 The Government Came Tumbling Down 1/15/2019

Humpty Dumpty supports the Wall! Jack and Jill lament there is no Pied Piper of Hamlin on the border to lead the caravan to Venezuela! All the King's horses and all the King's men can't put Syria together again! Jaq Sheik could drink no khamra. his wife could eat no swine because they were Muslim.  A government shut down a long time makes CNN hardpressed to bloviate a bladderful of nursery rhymes.  Peter, Peter zucchini irrumater can't speak now because he has has a long tall chile in his throat.  Jack of all Trades, tribade of none.  Old Mother Hubbard went to the assisted living center, and when she got there she died.  A gallstone in Arlington, a tombstone in Arizona.  The taxes are going up in New Jersey this year like Scrooge in bedsprings.  The murder rate in Chicago allows more dead people to vote.  The mosque is accepting kafirs if they pay the jizaya, an arm and a leg.  The hope for dope is mostly in the cartel's excellent blockchain.  Due to global warming Santa is switching from reindeer to camels next year.  Something there is that doesn't love a Democrat: A Conservative.  Donald Trump was elected because the State of politics is infected with entitlementia.  

Rebel without a Mop (9/30/2013), 5pp. essay on causation

Education in Nevada (3/28/15), 2pp

Sub-Crime Education (2015), 2pp


In December 2007, or thereabouts, goaded by party invite, I attended a rah-rah event at Desert Pines, a handsome new high school on the working-class, heavily Latino East Side of Las Vegas.  The Party wanted to showcase new faces, one a comely teacher and former beauty queen, the other an ambitious lawyer.  In debut, they talked about issues, highlighting education.  Both went on to win election and each remains a favored carina of the vaunted future.

The drop-out rate at Desert Pines and many other Las Vegas high schools, then and today, sticks at about fifty per cent.

The chairwoman of the Clark County School District, a proud activist of the same Carina Party, with degrees and awards up the wazoo, represents my downtown district of the county schoolboard.  CCSD, the fifth largest public school district in the country, enacts, endorses, and pursues the most enlightened progressive education policies with which children can be chalkboarded.  Why they drop out, no one seems to know.

When my wife's son and mine, graduated from Green Valley High School and then was accepted into four of the best private liberal arts colleges in the U.S, a neighbor who caucused our precinct at J.D. Smith Middle School in January 2008, sat in the back yard and sighed ruefully, "I don't know how you did it!"

Meanwhile, every day I read on LinkedIn and elsewhere heart-wrenching wails of children grown up and graduated from college, who find themselves yoked and strapped to tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.  They only need the lash of the overseer to evoke ante-bellum days of servitude.  Can the government bail them out?  Congress already put us on the hook for the 2008 Sub-Prime fiasco far into the future.  Who would elect politicians who demand us to mortgage our children as if they were chattels?

When our son learned the alphabet at 24mo old, I knew we could not depend on the government to educate him, not in a state where the first Superintendent ran off with the school funds, not in a state which has no tradition of free land-grant education, not in a state where gambling and grifting are king.  And nowadays the whole world is  selfish.  If you want to educate your kid, begin at home.  And if you don't have the brains and guts to teach your own child/ren, your whole family will not rise out of the mud, no matter what liar you put into office.

Banks finance college student loans, the government guarantees the banks against loss, and student debt is non-dischargeable in bankruptcy.  Furthermore, even if your kid earns a degree, there is no warranty it's worth the paper it's printed on.  The world runs on money.  Those who take, get.  Those who believe in flower gardens, haven't met the Snake.  To educate your children, teach them to recognize reality.  If you want your kid to survive, teach it to cut off the head. 

 2019 Government Shutdown
Shutdown, short for shutdownmat in Russian, considered evidence of Russia collusion against President Trump by Democrats and Mueller Team, actually means exasperating clown or prankster, says philologist James Richard Lucas of Cyberbardink. 1/16/2019. 

Don't judge a hook by its bait.  2/14/2019

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