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Nezhenka (2016), US Copyright TXu 2-016-379, novel, 350pp, 100,000 words: An amnesiac hitchhiker crosses the country, enthralled and ruled by three sisters, dominatrices, in an epic re-telling of Jack Kerouac's On the Road.

A hitchhiker of no name and no money thumbs across the US,  Alone without a past, without anyone but himself, without any of the tools of the modern world--cash, credit or debit card, cell phone, smartphone, computer device, without even an I.D.--nothing except his wits--he undertakes to stay alive, crossing dangerous mountains, gorges, and plains, fending the home-grown terrorism of America, bearding the wild cougars of Feminism, combating sorcerers and sorceresses, as if he were a nymph in drag-time Metamorphosis.  Along the way, time and again, he is stalked by Evil, lured and threatened, coaxed and seducced, to give up his virtue for a stint in the Dungeon of Dys Delight.  Wicked women want him because he tells stories.  Weapons are words, and, as the hitchhiker proves, a storyteller can stave off and starve the Devil, and go a long, long way to the beginning of the next tale to be writ. 

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