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Cecilia LoPiccolo: For the Love of A General (2017), US Copyright 2-077-046, a novel of a madman in love with an insruance company--to be written

Hueco (2014), TXu 1-944-041

 The Babae and The Aswang (English: The Lady and the Vampire) (2014), US Copyright TXu 1-871-069 (10/17/2013), novella, 103pp, 38,000 words 

Sampagia, Filipina maiden emigrates to the US, where she marries Rio, a lowlife petty crook and gambler.  To get money to gamble, Rio sells a toddler to a pedophile, and pays the price with a horrifying loss of face.  Story takes place in San Francisco, Reno, and Mexico.  Multiple genres: 1) Filipino ethnic; 2) Immigrant comes to America; 3) Beauty and the Beast Horror; 4) Gambling morality play; 5) Crime/child abuse/exploitation.  Originally copyrighted in Batchelder as short story Pagmukhasulagan Txu 1-871-069 

Tie Ding: My Father, Hero of the People (2004), US Copyright TXu 1-208-875 (11/8/2004), 219pp

Dym/The Dympna Outbreak (2004), TXu 1-158-779

The Succubus of Baghdad (2003), 4pp outline of novel to be written: Driven by a revenge-bent ghost, a medical student kills his landlord

The Golem, by Shick da Hira (psudonym) (2007), US Copyright TXu 1-370-856 (9/21/2007), 400pp, 125,000 words

When his girlfriend Marinitl dies in a car crash with a cartel semi, causing a loss of fentanyl, drug-sot loser Fyrd Chavez takes the counterintuitive route to safety and hightails it to Mexico.  He hides out in Malpekah Cave, where Choni the Shaman launches him upon a spiritual journey of atonement and regeneration.  In the Kol Nidre Desert he rescues the humble maiden Shifrah from the attack of brutal Mutavero thug, only to be setback when Kovar cultists accuse  him of child kidnapping.  He and Shifrah flee to Baja, where Mosad agent, Sayan, working with ICE, looking for a hostage US ATF agent, rescue them from the Mutavero Gang.

Portait of a Modern Family (1997)/Memoir of a Stranger, US Copyright TXu 863-603 (7/10/1998), prev reg. TXu 800-734, memoir, 750pp

The Cherry Leaves (1994), Bildungsroman novel, 280pp, 50,000 words, US Copyright 387-600 (10/3/1989)

"Half-child, half-man,Homer lives in the twilight world between fantasy and death."

In this Cinderella tragedy, Korean War orphan Homer McWilliams terrorizes a 1950s mid-Western town.  When lightning kills the 11yo's mother, he goes to live with bourge Pasha and Ewe Conrad.  The emotionally troubled youth falls in love love with his benefactress mother slut.  Failing to appreciate the danger they have invited into their den of secrets, the end is murder.


There are many rumors about James Richard Lucas.

Alleged Biography of JRL No.5 (c.1992)

James Richard Lucas was found lying in the street outside a United States military base near Kincheloe Air Force Base in 1948.  Air National Guardsmen summoned civilian authorities who had the infant examined by a child phrenologist.  The phrenologist pronounced that the child one day "kill his parents with an ax."  Juvenile officials foisted the bantling onto a poor huntsman and his wife, Faustulus and La Rencilla, who raised the kid as their own.

In 1954 when James was six years old, he first saw television.  It was a vermillion-and-white broadcast of the great demagogue, Sen. Joe McCarthy, ranting frothily, "Daddy!" the tyke reportedly uttered.

In 1956 the State won a lawsuit against the federal government and the Defense Departtment that forced it to pay the cost of rearing and raising the orphan youth under the doctrine of lex loci discooperire.  The court ruled the US must pay since the infant was found just barely inside federal property.  Thus, Lucas became an offspring of the Military Welfare State.

In 1970 he graduated from a massively large, major mid-western university, carried through matriculation by the massively democratic paedegogical tide of post-WWII expanded higher education.  Not knowing what to do with his life, he mistakenly went to law school, graduating in 1974.

He became a lawyer and inobtrusively practiced law, until, in 1993 he saw the Buddha who told him a great secret.  He disappeared into the desert.

Three years later, the manuscript of his great opus, Fooz Gold, was found in an underground hummock mew by a National Park Service scrubhag, a former publicist for a large California defense contractor who knew Stephen Criag Paddock and Sheila.  She sold it to a Las Vegas pawnbroker  for thirty bucks and a bus ticket to Miami.  The pawnbroker sold the literary rights to the current agent in the spirit of capitalism with no warranty of title attached.

The Courtesan, novel, 209pp, US Copyright TXu 251-323 (9/2/1986)

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