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The Rooster of Red Dust (9/16/2016), US Copyright TXu 2-077-046 (2017), 61pp, 18,000 words, post-modern fiction reminscent of Lincoln Michel, A Feeling Artist, 227 The Paris Review 19 (W2018)

The Vircators (6/10/2013), 34pp, 10,000

Kill the Parrot (3/18/2013), 23pp, 6,000 words

Shaking like a Dying Elvis (2012), 25pp/Going to Graceland, 14pp, tech support by Gene Woodruff (1948-2014)

Most of the Stories below, Naguales, Faces, and Hooly, were copyrighted as Batchelder (10/17/2013), US Copyright TXu 1-871-069

Naguales (2013):

The Little Dog Died (9/12/2012), 25pp

The Tsohar, 25pp

The Mekhashef, 24pp

The Sins of Sacaton, 18pp

Flack's Redemption (7/17/2012), 21pp

The Siren of Squatters' Gulch (2012), 22pp

Atlantis (9/12/2012), 28pp, tech support by Gene Woodruff (1948-2014) 

Six Million Tears, 20pp

Habka the Fishmonger, 20pp

Socialists Gear for Armageddon (11/25/2012), 16pp, tech support by Gene Woodruff (1948-2014)

Unglid (2/4/2013), 46pp

A Theory of Justice (11/10/2011), 26pp

Fourth of July (1/10/2013), 21pp, 5400 words

Faces (2013):

The Crow Gunner, 12pp

The Romance of Prairie Rose, 22pp

Oh No's Revenge, 8pp

The Bogeyman (1/15/2013), US Copyright 871-069 (10/17/2013), 15pp, 4800 words

O.J., 10pp, US Copyright Batchelder TXu 871-069 (10/17/2013)

The Dartmouth Man (11/25/2012), 15pp

Tireur de Louage/The Sharpshooter, 21pp, US Copyright TXu 871-069

Dutch Sundae Meltdown, 44pp

Mokie (1/14/2013), 27pp, 6,000 words

Pagmukhasugalan (11/30/2012), 96pp

Abbottobad, 17pp

Hawala Dawn, 19pp

Ro V. Wade, 25pp

The Mob (10/1/2012), paraody, 18pp

Kakalbitan (1/8/2013), 71pp

Obama, vignette, 6pp, US Copyright TXu 871-069

Menage a Trois, 45pp

Learn from Dazhai, 26pp, 6500 words, excerpt from Tie Ding:My Father, the Hero (11/8/2004), novel, US Copyright TXu i-208-875

How to Write A Great Novel, by Otto Braun (pseudonym) (2004), 5pp, excerpt from Tie Ding

The Foolish Old Man Who Dug a Hole to America, Or The Good Earth, by Bill Gifford (pseudonym), 5pp, excerpt from Tie Ding

Anabasis: Neighborhood Watch and the Big Freedom, by Wilbur Clark (pseudonym) (1996;2/1/2012), 16pp

Ghostly Fear (1995), 3pp

The Wolf and the Pigs (1995), 2pp

How to Drive the Gangs Out of Your Neighborhood and Almost Live Like a Free American Again (1995), by Noshi Yito (pseudonym), 2pp

The Maven of Meribah (2012)

Claudine, 32pp

Martina's Commitment, 13pp

Martina Luther, 6pp

The White Buddha and Other Tales (2/7/2002), US Copyright TXu 1-049-228

Boojidhamma (1994), US Copyright TXu 648-080, assoted screed

Modern Apes, short story 18pp, 5000 words, excerpt from Fooz Gold (1993),  US Copyright TXu 565-68 

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