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My Father Is the Road (1985)

US Copyright JRL, TXu 229-086 (2/24/1986)

From the beaten railroad tracks

Beyond the shanty shacks

To the roads across the plains

And through the Rocky Mountain Range,

I never have found

A place to settle down,

And so I'll travel on.

My father is the road.


My father is the road.

My father is the road.

He taught me things about this world

That I had never knowed.

My mama is the home

That kept me from the cold,

But home no longer has a hold--

My father is the road.

Shattered but conrolled,

I'm walking down this road

With no suitcase for my clothes,

No possessions I can hold,

And though the lightnin' strikes the sky

In the midnight hours of day:

No reason why can change the way--

My father is the road.


Yesterday a broken home,

Today all I do is roam

From Maine to San Anton'.

I'm a Mister Smith or Mister Jones,

From Frisco Bay down to L.A.

I'm a drifter on his own,

And still I'm bound to travel on--

My father is the road.


No, I'm not complaining,

I'm not saying anyone's to blame

Or trying to accuse, abuse,

Or call out angry names.

I'm just speaking to myself

The words that seem a lifetime code,

From west to east,

To say the least,

My father is the road.

[Refrain last time]

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